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Mon Ange (Fr. for "My Angel") Dolls are handmade using high quality, natural fibers. The creation of these dolls is labor-intensive and a labor of love.

The simplicity of the dolls is intentional in order to leave room for the child's imagination to grow. Because the dolls are handmade no two dolls are alike.  Each doll is a one-of-a-kind.  The clothing is made of felted wool and the bodies are stuffed with clean, carded sheep's wool.  The head is formed with an inner head, then covered with 100 percent cotton interlock.  The facial features are embroidered and the hair is created with mohair yarn.


I get my inspiration from children of all ages and from Mother Nature, Herself.  The end result is a doll of lasting quality and beauty that your child will enjoy for endless hours.



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